Children’s Meditation Mats

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Handmade Children’s Wool Meditation Mats


Children’s Asana Rugs (Meditation Mats)

These mats are incredibly special! Each one is handmade by a talented local artist, single mother of three boys, and dear friend. Jenny Boylan shares a bit of her beauty in each piece she creates.

Handmade locally, here in the Hudson Valley, these mats offer your child an inviting and beautiful place to create a meditation practice at home. Placed alone, in front of a small alter, or with a crystal these mats will be inviting and will help your child be mindful and learn how to take care of their needs, independently.

Creating a beautiful special space for your child to pay attention to how beautiful and special he is is a gift that will last a lifetime!

*Each mat is approximately 18″ round to oval shape. Handmade by artist, each may vary slightly in size, color and design.

$50 each *percentage of proceeds will help support Heart Child Yoga