Conscious Support Method

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                 What is Conscious Support Method?


We are witnessing the face of therapy begin to change as our children change, and as our planet changes. The children are silently demanding (sometime literally) that we see them and support them differently now. For many, the old paradigm of needing to talk about their problems to get them to heal is still useful in a redefined way, but even more profoundly we are able to heal faster and more deeply than ever before in ways we are just becoming aware of. The children are showing us this when we are given the opportunity to pay attention closely enough to notice.


Conscious Support Method emerged as a result of this changing time, our evolving consciousness, and consciously paying attention; all results of deepening your meditation and yoga practice. It is the art of knowing what another being needs that comes from the heart, and offers an expandable compatibility to many forms of therapy (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Special Education methods included). It is pliable and ever changing for each individual, and continues to develop as their needs change and our understanding and self healing grows. It creates a place of safety and opening for the healing that is the birthright of all of us. The CSM inspired therapist or caregiver is just the vessel allowing the healing to come through. Sometimes it wants to be delivered through sound, touch, yoga, visualization, movement, or even from listening through a conscious heart. It emerges directly from the deeper integration of the Yoga Sutras, Raja Yoga (control over the mind and emotions) and Bhakti Yoga (participation, devotion and love for any endeavor).


A conscious heart listens from a place of non-judgment without the need to control or predetermine how, when, or by what means healing should take place; it is supporting without ego. The facilitator is paying attention by being in tune with the subtle energies that present themselves. For a child who needs support through being physically heard, the CSM facilitator  is there to be that listening ear through their listening heart.  A listening heart knows that there is no one answer; it knows that everything is a possibility.

Silhouette profile of a young Indian boy dancing against hazy sun setting background showing lens flare. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.
The Conscious Support Method facilitator has done, and is doing their work too. They have become aware of many of the sensory gifts that children experience, how to manage them, and may even be experiencing some of them themselves. Through their own work they have become the non-judgmental consciously aware being that is able to give the child the support they need on a deeper more encompassing level. From this place they have become open to allow them to be as they are, but also able to find the subtle places previously unable to be seen by most. This is the whole child approach that we have heard about for many years, but now we are truly finding out how much of the whole there is to serve. The children are showing us who we are, how we can heal, and they are having it no other way. It is time to serve them so they can help us learn.

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*Conscious Support Method is not a form of Psychological Therapy. It is an alternative therapy tool based in yoga, movement, sound and holding sacred space, not usually included in psychology training.