Adult Meditation Rugs



ASANA Adult Size Round Meditation Rug

ASANA Adult Size Round Meditation Rug

Asana means to sit .

These rugs are created to sit on….Meditate..Breathe.

Each rug is 100% wool made from the fleece of local sheep.

The symbols on top are needle felted . Wool is a natural fiber that can have a healing effect both physically and spiritually. It is very calming, beautiful and soothing to the senses.

Each rug will vary in size and appearance due to the nature of wool and the process of felting….They are unique!! I create each rug in a space of calm, intention and love. Asanas also make beautiful wall hangings and soothing play mats for children. I will gladly work with you to customize an Asana if you don’t see one you love.

Currently all mats are out of stock, but custom orders are being taken!

Contact Jennifer Boylan, or Heart Child Yoga directly to place custom requests. See some examples below.

Please place order below (using the Buy Now button) after approved cost is confirmed by either Heart Child, or Jennifer Boylan (designer).

Custom Handmade Mas

Sizes and Prices

Custom Mat Sizes

ASANA Meditation Mats 


ASANA – handmade wool rugs


about 3′ long

$110 each



 ASANA – handmade wool rug
about 3 1/2 ‘ round$110

IMG_0736ASANA – handmade wool rugabout 3′ long$110

IMG_0329ASANA – handmade wool rugabout 3′ long$110
IMG_0262 (1)
 ASANA – handmade wool rug
 about 3′ long$100