What is Perfectly Wrong with Your Child’s Brain?

What is Perfectly Wrong with Your Child’s Brain?

It wasn’t the first time I had watched My Stroke of Insight,  Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk about her brain disorder, but it was the first time her story fired up a part of my brain instantly connecting the results of many years of observations from paying attention to the children from the heart. It was just a few words that she said that triggered the connection, “Light burned my brain like wild fire…”. In that moment, I instantly thought of a beautiful student of mine who is often wearing sunglasses to protect himself from the intensity he feels from the sunlight. Jill went on to describe her reaction to sounds. My mind began to realize that almost every student I have served through the years in the often called spectrum could also be experiencing a part of the many extraordinary symptoms Jill experienced on that December day in 1996. Jill was describing what happened when she was hit by a stroke located in the left hemisphere of her brain.

So at this point you may be thinking that I am saying that these children have something very wrong with their brains. Actually, I am saying that the opposite may be true. The location of Jill’s stroke is not only relevant in a scientific sense, but as this brain scientist more than just alludes to in the talk, it is even more relevant in a spiritual sense.  Jill got a taste of evolution in the form of a stroke. You can hear how even her elegant and passionate words can’t fully contain what her Heart experienced.

As a part of the spiritual community, we often refer to the current shift in consciousness as a shift to the right brain, or to the Heart. The physical and spiritual experience that this stroke caused Jill, sheds light on what our children may be showing us. Are they our link to evolving to a higher consciousness? Don’t they show the same symptoms in isolated terms? Some of those symptoms are often seen by our currently limited understanding as only:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Failure to speak in the first person
  • Resistance linear tasks
  • Resistance to changing activities (transition issues)
  • Hyper focused
  • Challenged spacial awareness (inability to find their body in space)
  • Needing too much movement to attend
  • Unable to focus
  • “Spacing out”
  • Delayed speech

What if we expand on all those terms and try to see them from a different perspective? Many children when given the opportunity to be who they came here to be are showing us that there is so much more. Maybe if we look more closely we will see the positive “symptoms” .

  • Ability to be in the present moment
  • Thinks in pictures
  • Experiences through energetic connection
  • Learns through movement
  • Uses energy and all the senses (beyond the basic five) to create a deep connection to others
  • Feels “perfect, whole, and beautiful”
  • Inate sense of compassion
  • Natural connection to other BEings (animals, people, or plant life)
  • Natural ability to meditate
  • Relates in terms of expansive self
  • Ability to communicate more completely even without speech

So maybe what we see as wrong, has a whole lot of perfect too. Maybe we are unable to understand the perfect part, because we are not quite there yet. What happens when we choose to see them from one side of our brain versus the other?  Are we able to do that yet? My belief is that we are getting there, and that the children will keep showing us until we do.

Soon after all this information started connecting all that my Heart knew from the children with this brain scientist’s miraculous experience, I got even further validation from the boy who wears sunglasses. He shared his wisdom with me, as if to say, “you got it, now go share the message”.

As he lay there with his eye pillow for Savasana, massage, Yoga Nidra, and sound healing, I began to talk about focusing on the center of his brain. Then sending love to the entirety of his brain, the left, the right… He then began to tell me about each side. I unfortunately don’t do Savasana with a notepad by my side, but can give you an overview. He was saying that the right side is his peaceful side; it is the good. The left side is what gets him “stuck” and in trouble; it is what makes him want to do bad things. He later told his mom that it makes him want to “hit sometimes”, and makes him “get angry”. He said, “the right side is the calm one, and it is helping the left brain out”.  He says that lately he has to, “ look at things and people from a different angle and it is kind of hard to do”.

Maybe we are the ones who have to look at our children from a different angle, no matter how hard it is to do. This may be the greatest thing we do for ourselves, our children, and our evolution. I think we are ready to join them. Do you?

Sat Nam

*Please keep following the Wisdom from the Children blog series to learn more.

Written on: 1/1/14

by: Surya Kamal (Jennifer R. Mehlich)

Surya Kamal (Jennifer R. Mehlich) is a Yoga and Meditation Therapy specialist,  and sound and energy healer for children and families of all needs. She is  the founder of Heart Child Yoga and Conscious Support Therapy, and a student of the children.

*You can find out more about Surya’s mission at heartchildyoga.com. Contact her at heartchild1111@gmail.com; 845 418 2481; or visit Heart Child  Yoga on Facebook.

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