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Emily’s story:

Emily is our only (adopted) child.  She has always had multiple special needs, mainly neuro-psychological, but things became a lot more complicated last year when she suffered an extensive brain hemorrhage.  The lesion that caused the hemorrhage is in an area of the brain that is too difficult to reach surgically, so Emily has since also had to endure radiation therapy to the area in an attempt to prevent her from having any future bleeds.

Emily’s struggles include memory problems, difficulty with concentration and focus, and gross motor difficulties pertaining to: gait, balance, posture, mobility and overall stamina.  The hemorrhage also caused her some loss of vision.  Her neuropsychologist tells us that Emily’s brain is able to retain information but that it doesn’t know how to file it away properly so that she can retrieve it when she needs to.  He told us that even before considering giving her medication to help with some of these issues, that the very best therapy and first course option for her should be yoga and meditation.  I tend to agree.

Yoga and meditation will help her with all of the difficulties I’ve listed, and I feel will be far more productive – not to mention fun – for her than having to spend time with a physical therapist or occupational therapist.  Emily is also being homeschooled now, and while she is doing very well considering what she has recently gone through, if yoga and meditation can help her with focus and memory retention that will be a blessing to her with her complex academic challenges.

Emily is such a delight to be around.  She has become known locally as Emily Sunshine because people always say that they see her as a ray of sunshine in their lives.  Her light has been dimmed somewhat, yet she tackles each day and each challenge with bravery, determination, and a beaming smile.  It is my hope that we can bring some sunshine back into her life by giving her opportunities for her well-being like attending these yoga/meditation classes.  I couldn’t think of a nicer or more productive way to help her on her road to healing and recovery.  Thank you so much for considering us for this sponsorship program.