Beyond Yoga Workshops

Heart Child Yoga offers unique and exciting workshops at the Heart Child Yoga Studio, schools, camps, and festivals. These workshops include:


  • Spirit Animal Workshop photo1-1 - your child will be guided through a Native American meditation journey to meet their secondary spirit animal. They will enter their journey to Native American meditation drumbeats. After the journey is complete the students will have an opportunity to share their experience through their drawings, creative yoga poses, play, and verbal discussion.  photo2Each child’s spirit animal experience will be followed up with an email. This email will explain in further detail the possible meaning of their spirit animal visit.  When possible a local child animal communicator will share her insight for each spirit animal’s message. (Instruction and practice of the Wolf Clan 7 Directions Dance is an option to include as an extended version of this workshop.)
  • Winter Spirit Animal Workshop: HCY winter spirit Animals*Extended workshop version- Winter 2016 Dates to folow - at Heart Child Yoga in Phoenicia, NY
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Suggested Donation: $15.00 – $20.00
  • Includes the 7 Direction dance/meditation, and local child animal communicator and/or instructor interpretations follow-up via email. For registration and inquiries, please call 845 418 2481, or email See the Calendar for workshop details.Calendar


  • Sacred Geometry in Nature- images-4 This workshop will include a nature search for fractal and Fibonacci sequence examples. (When a nature walk is not possible, examples will be provided.) Your child will learn to recognize the repeating patterns in nature and how they relate to the Fibonacci sequence.
  • images-3images-5For Schools and private groups: workshop’s math component can be altered to any group age, ability, or combination of. 


* Sacred Geometry in Nature ~ Winter Workshop:  Session #1 (ages 7 and up).HCY spiral fibonacci-cones Includes the above and painting or coloring  Fibonacci sequences found on  pine cones. Location: Heart Child Yoga in Phoenicia.


Session #1

Date: Summer Dates coming soon!                             Time:2 hours

Suggested Donation: $13.00 – $21.00

HCY color parts PineconeFor registration and inquiries, please call 845 418 2481 or email See the calendar for workshop details.  Calendar





* Sacred Geometry in Nature ~ Advanced Winter Workshop Session #2 (Ages 9 and up) - at the Heart Child Yoga studio in Phoenicia, NY

A deeper exploration and creation of  fractal geometry patterns in nature through math, art, and design.  Learn how to create your own fractal designs!

HCY classic-frozen-fractal Session #2

Date: Summer Dates coming soon!

Time: 2 hours

Suggested Donation: $13.00- $21.00

  • HCY Koch Snowflack






  • Crystal Poses - Ever notice how many children are naturally draw to crystals and stones? 88b208b3648777fa22afef7ea8d5d988dffda6d1Those children have inspired this workshop. Your child will be introduced to several crystals, their benefits, and yoga poses that compliment each one. They will get to hold and examine various stones during the workshop while relating their benefits to the benefits of yoga. Each child will be reminded of their personal power that yoga and crystals can help them reveal and maintain.  * Crystal Poses workshop Summer Dates coming soon! (Crystal poses 2), at Heart Child Yoga in Phoenicia -2 1/2 hours, Suggested donation: $15.00. For registration and inquiries, please call 845 418 2481 or email See the calendar for workshop details.  Calendar


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