Wisdom from the Children

Wisdom from the Children Series

Are you paying attention? Many of you are. It seems that your children will have it no other way. They are here to change us, all of us. They are starting with you. The Wisdom of the Children blog series is the stories of the children who are touching my life. They are always sharing their wisdom and helping us evolve. All you have to do is pay attention.

Wisdom from the Children

Wisdom from the Children

So what does that mean, to pay attention? The kind of paying attention that I am talking about is deeper than the usual implication of the term. The type of paying attention that I am talking about is consciously paying attention. So what does that mean? That means you use all your abilities to to hear the children and see the children. Above all, it is using your Heart,  your intuition, and learning to trust yourself and your child. It is using all that you are and have ever been to create a gateway that allows for them to show you who you are meant to be. It is without judgement, control, fear, or ego. In letting go of those things, so you can pay attention consciously, you are stepping into to a path that allows them to serve you. You are opening up to letting them show you what your work is. When you start to shift to your Heart, you are giving space for them to do their work.

We are here to maintain their wisdom and not squash it. Our ego has been training us to squash for countless generations. That way is based in fear, and the new children are here to show us how lost we have been. The way of the children is through the Heart. Their mission is so strong now that they can’t be squashed anymore. You are being given no choice but to change. You are motivated to do so because you love your child so much and you see that she IS Love. No longer can anyone fully convince you that she is anything but magnificent. You are starting to question what you thought you knew. Let the children show you your Heart’s wisdom.

Wisdom of the Children are the stories of my journey with the children I serve. Join me in opening your Heart and let’s allow ourselves to evolve with the children’s guiding grace.

Sat Nam

by: Surya Kamal (Jennifer R. Mehlich)

Surya Kamal (Jennifer R. Mehlich) is a Yoga and Meditation Therapy specialist for children and families of all needs, the founder of Heart Child Yoga, Conscious Support Therapy, and a student of the children.

*You can find out more about Surya’s mission at heartchildyoga.com. Contact her at heartchild1111@gmail.com; 845 418 2481; or visit Heart Child  Yoga on Facebook.

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