Guru in a Box

child in boxYesterday was like many of my days, filled with lessons from children, parents, and beautiful people. It was the same as most other days that way but different, because yesterday I was inspired in a way unique to yesterday. Yesterday I had the private yoga and meditation session with an amazing child that I look forward to every Tuesday. This child is one of my Gurus, but yesterday was a particularly difficult day for him and his family. You see yesterday was the day my young guru received his “box”; that box created to put him in all neatly contained with a descriptive labeled that might as well say “broken”. My young guru does not belong contained in a box. He is so much bigger then any box that any test, therapist, or even enlightened other could possible come up with. Yesterday I was reminded in a deep way why I do what I do.

 His beautiful family walked into my home straight from his apparent labeling meeting (a meeting that I have suffered through many times as a therapist). When they entered my home they were all looking and feeling very different than usual. The weight of the world seemed to be resting on mom’s shoulders. Her eyes reached to me with intense concern and fear. Soon I found out what they just came from and what news caused this shift in their energy. Their child, although smiling, could obviously feel the intensity of what just happened. But what happened? He is still magnificent, he is still full of lessons for each of us, and he is still exactly who he needs to be. What happened was that he was given a box to fill.  A box that he is expected to fill with struggles, obstacles, and broken behavior.

This child is not at all broken. I see it as quite the opposite. He is here to show us how we are broken. How we need to change and how we need to pay attention, and that scares us. So, we give him a box and tell his family what to now expect of a child who receives this box. Once we do that the shift is set in place to happen. His parents (if not aware of the obserdity of the entire process), his teachers, and his therapist, begin to identify and create exactly what is expected to fill the box. With the best of intentions no longer are they discovering what this child is showing them, now they are creating what is expected because we create each other. Those expectations of him are no longer of a child who lights up every place he enters and ignites the Hearts of all those who take the time to see him.  The expectations are of shortcomings, challenges, and failure. This child has not failed; we have failed when we expected him to fit into the “broken” system and “broken” society that we have created from our egos out of greed, competition and control.

At the end of his session yesterday, he invited his Mom into the studio as he does every week for the massage, visualization, and savasana (resting pose). I’m not sure I can explain the magic that happened between them during this time. There they were looking at each other and holding hands, and Mom was seeing him, really seeing her son again. My eyes filled with tears as it reminded me of my interactions with my son. There was nothing broken, nothing to fix. He was showing her that everything is perfect and that he is perfect. She already knew that, but he reminded her not to spend too much time worrying about that “broken” system; he is here to show her, and us all, a better way.

At that moment, I knew that she was not going to settle for a box of any kind for her son. She is going to keep “seeing” him as her Guru and as the Guru of so many to come. His Mom is there to support him and aid him in staying connected to his Heart so he can fill other Hearts instead of filling boxes.

So it doesn’t matter what label this child or any other is give from our broken system. It only matters that he is love. He is love in his greatest expression of love and he deserves to be seen as nothing less. When we expect only that and live in the moment that love gives us, we receive more and more of it.  Then, we open ourselves up to receive his gifts and we will begin to understand how he is helping us evolve and create a planet that is not broken, but ready for more amazing beings to fill it.

Let’s not put our little guru’s in boxes.  Let’s not label evolution as “broken”. It is our choice how soon we decide to see what the young gurus are trying to tell us.  It’s time we let them show us why they are here.  Yesterday I was reminded why I am here; yesterday I was reminded again why I do what I do by my young Guru.

Written on:  3/5/2014

Jennifer R. Mehlich is a Yoga and Meditation Therapy specialist for children and families of all needs, the founder of Heart Child Yoga, and a student of the children.

*You can find out more about Jennifer’s mission at Contact her at; 845 418 2481; or visit Heart Child  Yoga on Facebook.


  1. Very proud of you Jennifer

    • Thank you so much! It’s amazing to be with so many children.

  2. That was one of the most beautiful and touching things I have ever read. <3

    • Wow! Thank you, Deirdre! That is a a huge statement and has made my day! Sending love, Jen <3


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